Thursday, September 9, 2021

Why I'll Still #BeUMC, Part 1 - Disaster Response

 I'm starting a long series of posts today on why, when the dust all settles from our current turmoil, I will still be a United Methodist. I think about all the times someone more traditional has said to me, "If you don't agree with the denomination's position on inclusion then why don't you just leave?" My answer has always been that there is so much good and there is so much I do agree with. The other church that is now forming is focused on one issue. Don't get me wrong - inclusion is a critically important concern. There are many other concerns, too, that need our attention. And the UMC either is or can address those also. So here we go.

#1: I'll still BeUMC because of our collective response to disasters.

We can do so much more when we are united together. Even if the most pessimistic predictions come true (and they won't), the United Methodist Church will still be the second largest protestant denomination in the United States. That presence is bolstered by the millions of additional members across the world. Together, as millions of people united in our mission we will continue to change the world in crucial ways. Within the U.S., we're doing it right now in relief from Hurricane Ida. Efforts will ramp up soon worldwide to help with Covid-19 vaccination. The United Methodist Church saves lives and changes lives because we are willing to work with each other even when we have theological differences of opinion. 

We are stronger together, we are better together, and we are more effective together. I want to be part of a church that recognizes how important it is to continue to respond to disasters and that has the size and power to really make a difference.

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